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Qudos Academy
Join the ultimate makeup community

Learn from the best in the industry
Online Makeup Mastery | Elite Courses

Qudos Academy
Join the ultimate makeup community

Learn from the best in the industry

Makeup artistry requires skill and creativity, backed by practice and dedication. If you have it all, but you still:

Makeup trends evolve rapidly. Keeping up with the latest techniques, products, and styles requires continuous learning and adaptation and that's WHY our makeup courses are all you need to truly
MASTER the art of makeup!

Meet your potential

We understand that you want to:


Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, fitting the lessons into your schedule without compromising other commitments.


Benefit from expert instruction and personalized feedback from an experienced makeup artist, ensuring you receive tailored guidance throughout your learning journey.


Gain exclusive access to a wealth of multimedia resources, tutorials, and materials that enrich your learning experience and allow you to perfect your makeup skills.

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That’s WHY you’re here NOW!

Makeup trends evolve rapidly. Keeping up with the latest techniques, products, and styles can be so overwhelming and confusing!
The Qudos Academy has the perfect solution with professionally crafted makeup courses to address all your frustrations and help you elevate your career.

Start learning now and get access to:

‌ A New Masterclass every month

12 Pro Masterclasses
( 30h )

12 Live Q&A sessions
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12 Certificates

About Us

It all started with a make-over…

We had never met. At the start we were two women sharing our love of make-up; a professional make-up artist passing on knowledge and skill to a passionate student.

We chatted endlessly about the transformative power of our favourite products, makeup techniques, makeup artistry and iconic brands that changed the industry. Our friendship and our collaboration started shaping up when Qudos Beauty was born and naturally the realisation of the demand of education was striking – WHY is it so important to master the art of makeup and how the best tools and products will not suffice!

The opportunities Qudos Beauty Academy has to offer are endless as you will have the chance to build and enhance your portfolio, correcting bad habits you may have picked along, learn current industry practice and standards from the get-go, setting you apart from your competition.

Ultimate beginners to advanced qualified professionals, our makeup courses will cover all aspects of makeup artistry across various industries.

Our Creative Director​

Our Creative Director, Ana-Maria Turcanu, has been working as a makeup artist for more than a decade. Her experience is not only from doing makeup, but also from one-on-one makeup lessons with women all around the world and national tours of hands-on masterclasses.

This has helped her understand better what women like and need when it comes to makeup and what is expected from professional makeup artists. As a celebrity makeup artist, Ana-Maria has garnered widespread recognition for her skills and transformative artistry.


Investing in our makeup courses offers a multitude of advantages. By enrolling, you'll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, learn new skills, correct any mistakes in your makeup techniques, boost your income, grow your client base, and open doors to new career opportunities. Moreover, it's also a smart way to save both time and money on your makeup journey.

Our promise:

And a wealth of additional makeup education.

How it Works:


Buy the makeup lesson

Select the makeup lesson you want to watch.


Get instant access.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing your login details. This will grant you immediate access to your account.


Participate in our live Q&A sessions

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Receive your virtual certificate of attendance.

Why Qudos?

Why makeup enthusiasts and professionals choose to become a part of the Qudos Beauty Academy:

  • Comprehensive Learning:

    Access a wealth of in-depth knowledge and skills that cover a wide spectrum of makeup techniques and trends, empowering you to master various makeup styles.

  • Expert Guidance:

    Professional tuition from our experienced makeup artist. Her vast career will add value to your learning

  • Business Growth:

    Learn effective strategies for marketing your makeup skills, expanding your client base, and propelling your makeup business to new heights

  • Social Media Content Creation and Marketing :

    Combining social media content creation and marketing with makeup artistry can help you grow your business

  • Exclusive Community:

    Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, where you can share experiences, network with fellow artists, and foster valuable connections within the makeup industry.

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Our latest course

Foundations of Beauty – Mastering the Face Makeup Base
Get ready to unlock the secrets behind achieving a flawless and radiant look with this masterclass that is designed to be your compass in the world of makeup, guiding you through the fundamental techniques that serve as the cornerstone of any stunning makeup look. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to refine your skills, this immersive experience will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to create captivating makeup styles with confidence. Our masterclass delves into the core principles of makeup application. From preparing your canvas with skincare essentials to sculpting your features with contouring, highlighting, and blush, every step is carefully curated to help you create the perfect base.
Whether you’re aiming for a natural everyday glow or a glamorous evening allure, our “Foundations of Beauty” masterclass is your passport to a world of creativity and self-expression.

Course Library


Foundations of Beauty

Mastering the Basics of Makeup Application

Available now


Fresh-Faced Elegance

Achieving Natural and Radiant Daytime Makeup

Available now


Ageless Beauty

Mastering Makeup for Mature Skin

Coming soon


Bridal Beauty Essentials

Creating Timeless Bridal Makeup Looks

Coming soon


Red Carpet Ready

Achieving Celebrity-Inspired Glam for Special Events. Lip focused makeup course.

Coming soon


GlamMedia Mastery

Makeup Content Creation & Social Media Marketing.

Coming soon


Sculpt and Contour

Defining Your Features with Contouring and Highlighting

Coming soon


Eyes That Speak

Emphasising Your Eyes with Eyeshadow Techniques

Coming soon


Brows That Wow

Crafting the Perfect Eyebrow Shape and Definition

Coming soon


Colour Play

Mastering the Art of Smokey Eye and Variations

Coming soon


Smokey Eyes and Beyond

Mastering the Art of Smokey Eye and Variations

Coming soon


Glamour and Glitter

Creating Stunning Evening and Party Looks

Coming soon

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